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Using Git for Cinema Production

I’m a big believer in indulging in a broad set of interests and hobbies. Since you never really know where good ideas may come from, I usually have several projects in progress at any one time to keep the ideas flowing in. Each project cross-pollinates the other, creating novel solutions to frustrating problems. Since my day job is software engineering, I have been putting the best practices of software development towards solving problems in cinema production.

I have been using Github to story my project ideas, story notes and scripts. Github is a hosted code repository where engineers can store, manage and share code. Code repositories are an essential tool of the software industry since it helps engineers work in coordination on piece of code without getting confused. A code repository allows multiple engineers to work on the same document without overwriting each other’s changes, or getting confused as to who has the latest version of the document. Turns out Github solves the same problem for cinema production. Using Github gives me 1) The ability to post all production documents and materials to one place where everyone of my collaborators can be assured of getting the most recent versions of each script and production notes, and 2) displays my history in a cool chart which I can use to review my productivity. A third possible benefit is the possiblility that the repository can serve to document of my authorship on a given date should there be unauthorized usage. This is similar to the functions that the Writer’s Guild of America serves for copywrite protection.