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The Miniatures of Brian Clarke

The first movie I produced was Curse of the Black Lotus. The Curse is an homage to the matinee cliffhangers of the 30’s and the script involved a lot of special effects. I didn’t fully realize how ambitious this project was for a micro-budget movie, and many times I felt foolish to have even proposed making such a movie. But then, I had the good fortune to meet Brian Clarke. Brian designed and built all the ingenious sets, models, and miniatures used in the movie. Always enthusiastic, always solving problems, Brian is one of the most creative and resourceful filmmakers I’ve met. Brian even had a role for me in his first short Three Moves. He’s just completed shooting on his first feature, Roy Murphy: Private Eye. Here’s a short gallery of his creations made for the Curse.

Brian prepares models for a shoot at The Midpeninsula Media Center

The ominous interior of Brian's wind tunnel model.

The X-34 model, mid-construction. Again this model was build from scratch