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Studying the Masters

I’m a fairly liberal minded film goer and there’s a soft spot in my heart for drawing room dramas. …But I like myself a good fight scene too. Fight scenes constitute the most basic form of dramatic conflict between characters and are a legitimate means to move the plot forward. David Mamet’s Red Belt is a great example of a film that uses fight scenes for dramatic ends. I knew I wanted to have a fight scene in Curse of the Black Lotus 2, but that’s easier said than done. Fight scenes can all too easily come off as a silly cheese-fest. I new I’d have to do some research into what really good fight scene looks like. The best I could think of at the time was Ang Lee’s Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. Imported Ang Lee’s excellent fight sequences into Final Cut and pull each scene apart cut by cut. Here’s my analysis of what makes these scenes so exciting to watch: