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Progress, Against All Odds

Last week the clouds parted, the sun shone, and I had time to work on the 914 again. After much carving, shaping, eye-balling and reshaping, I was finally pleased with the shape I’d worked out for the fillet on the turtle-deck. The fillet covers the hole left behind by the now absent b-pillar, lost when I chopped the roof off. Here are some pics of the fiberglass mold curing on the clay and body.


The drips in along the side of the fender is parting compound, used when the mold will be separated from the body. The drip standing next to the car is the author.


I wasn’t happy with the shape of the nose either. It had too much overhang, so I whipped out the hand saw and chopped it back a bit. I’ll build up the modeling clay a bit more to round out the nose once again, but all in all I think it was the right decision to blunt the nose just a bit.


The car suddenly had a resemblance to an E-type Jaguar once the nose was chopped back a bit. The Volkswa… er Porsche uses an air cooled engine, but if I were to swap it out with a water cooled Subaru engine, I think I’d go with this really pretty ellipsoid radiator intake.