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Previsualization Continues

Getting a script right is not easy. It often feels like the harder you concentrate the more lost you become. Ever since the project’s inception, Joy Division’s song No Love Lost has served as an original inspiration for “The Girl With No Name” and I’ve often returned to it when I’ve felt that the script was becoming overly complex or unfocused. Now that we’re in pre-visualization I’ve been expanding to new sources of ideas and inspiration. Most notably it the Videos of Ministry and White Zombie.

These sources come as a surprise to me. Although I had been a marginal fan of Ministry, White Zombie seemed more of a contrived band based on affectations. Thankfully, I’ve mellowed out a lot since my early adulthood and I’ve come to appreciate these bands and the videos they created. Having lived through the agony and ecstasy of creating my own short films, I’m able to recognize and appreciate other people’s work much more.

Thankfully too, since these videos have been a wellspring of ideas and solutions. Not least of which has been a new take on the look of “The Girl With No Name”. Originally, the look book for “The Girl with No Name” was dominated by Ridley Scott’s films. I still love Ridley Scott, as well as the other British commercial directors of the eighties, but such polished images would not have the same rawness, grit and immediacy this videos have. This stuff was exciting to watch.

Watching these videos have me seriously considering shooting “The Girl With No Name” as a black and white movie. I love the scratches, high contrast and graininess of the look. Notice how the headlights blast through the lens blowing out the whites.


The lighting effects in the videos are a revelation too. In my previous visualization meetings with Van Dyke Roth and Tom Krymkowski we had discussed the motif of converging lines. Up to this point, I thought that these lines would need to be a physical characteristic of the locations we would be shooting in. After watching these videos, I see how we can achieve the same patterns of convergence with light alone.




The video for Ministry’s Stigmata gave me some great ideas for the shooting the crowd gathered to watch the race in scene 1. Specifically the single point source of light blasting through the crowd towards the camera. The look is amazing, raw and helps create the universe “The Girl With No Name”.



I had a chance to talk about these ideas with Tom, and his suggestion was to merge these ideas with the earlier inspirations from Ridley Scott, rather than rule them out completely. I certainly agree with that, and note that the use of silhouettes are a shared pattern between to styles. Tom also sparked up at the mention of shooting single source of light. He urged me to watch The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford and specifically referencing the train robbery scene as a source of inspiration for our project.