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Deleting Pop-ups

I’ve read it somewhere that the Porsche 914’s pop-up headlights were added added as an afterthought to meet regulations for the US market. I don’t know how much truth there is to that story, but the 914’s pop-ups never really looked well suited to the car. Pop-ups in general have never held much appeal to me. Their greater heft, complexity, gimmick-factor and (most importantly) un-Porsche-esque appearance always bugged me. My 914’s pop-ups had to go.

The decision to delete the headlights was easy. The hard part is making it look right. Deleting the pop-ups means that I have to patch the frunk lid, and that means that, if I was not careful, embarrassing patch seams would appear in the hood. I’d have to make sure that the funk lid was patched in the most meticulous way possible. Here are my pictures of the work done on deleting the pop-up headlights from the 914’s “frunk” lid. I first needed a foam block which I could easily carve to match the contour of the hood where the headlights had been.




Notice I used spray-on expanding foam for filler material. This was a huge mistake. Never use spray expanding foam! NEVER. Don’t be lured as I was by how convenient it appears to be. Spray expanding foam is unstable. It expands in heat and contracts in cold. You’ll never carve a good reliable shape as it is constantly changing shape. It is a perfect choice if you want to slowly drive yourself insane. If you want carve a foam fillet properly, do yourself a favor and get a block of polyurethane foam from a local hobby shop.





Here’s the hood’s female mold curing. As I collected all the pictures of my work, I realized that I hadn’t taken a photo of the finished female mold. That will be coming short;ly.