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More Turtledeck Mold Making

With the mold for the driver’s side complete, it was time to do the passenger side. Pictures show my improving mold making skills! Unfortunately, I didn’t use enough mold release and the mold bonded to the body at one point on the turtle deck. I was forced to destroy the mold to get it to […]

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Releasing the Mold

After curing for a day, I pulled the turtle deck mold away from the body. The mold separated easily, but there was a lot molding clay stuck in the tight corners. Today was spent scraping that clay off.

I’m On The Meteor Club Podcast!

Had a great time talking with the Meteor Club Podcast hosts Josh Owens and Ben Strahan. It was really technically intense, and for that reason very fun. We talked about MongoDB, building community, and troubleshooting systems. Josh and Ben are gracious hosts and I thank them for having me on! The episode is available here.

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5 Aggregations in 5 Minutes: The Nickel Tour of MongoDB’s Aggregation Framework

Yesterday I decided to brew up a lightning talk about for Meteor’s DevShop meetup. Put the content together about an hour before the talk. It was great fun and I’m totally hooked on doing more of these kinds of talks. I’m presenting 4 talks and 2 training workshops at MongoDB World 2015 (last chance to […]

Favorite Toys

I’ve been cleaning up my basement lately, preparing it to become my new home machine shop. Cleaning up a basement inevitably leads to making those important distinctions between the objects you treasure and the objects you’ll dump. Of the treasures I’ll be keeping are a set of solid wood airplane models I built with my […]

Behold Firehose! A MongoDB focused application toolkit

Firehose started off as a simple multithreaded DSV import tool for MongoDB, but morphed to a library of interchangeable components you can use to build custom P.O.C.s fast. Firehose was designed to meaningful make load testing easy because you don’t have to write a worker pool, CLI or a stats calculator each time you want […]

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Making a Racing Seat From Scratch

Didn’t take me long to determine that if I was going to all the trouble of rebuilding the 914 I would need to build some custom racing seats. While I might have ultimately been able to convince myself to fork up the cash to buy a set, this project is more about the challenge of […]

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Using Git for Cinema Production

I’m a big believer in indulging in a broad set of interests and hobbies. Since you never really know where good ideas may come from, I usually have several projects in progress at any one time to keep the ideas flowing in. Each project cross-pollinates the other, creating novel solutions to frustrating problems. Since my […]

Previsualization: Our Awesome Sauce

More privisualization continues! The team met again last night, this time also joined by long time friend and collaborator John Pilgrim. John and have worked together on each of my previous movies, handling both visual effects and color correction. Since our last meeting I have taken the hand drawn storyboards and the mannequins to create […]

The Girl With No Name: Storyboarding

The complexity of my previous two projects taught me the value of storyboarding a movie well ahead of time. Creating storyboards has always been time intensive, so I started looking for ways to make the process flow a little better. I originally started my preliminary story boards by drawing them in 2:35 ratio frames printed […]