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Analysis: Chases, Races and the Lust for Speed

A look at the elements of what makes these great car and motorcycle sequences exciting. Posted under “fair use” for criticism, commentary, teaching, and scholarship.


I’ve had a thing for the humble Porsche 914 since high school. I finally bought a ’73 and about a year ago and the car has been a blast to drive. While you could consider the 914 a classic of sorts, it wasn’t the prettiest car ever built. Something about the 914 just seems to […]

Previsualization: Our Awesome Sauce

More privisualization continues! The team met again last night, this time also joined by long time friend and collaborator John Pilgrim. John and have worked together on each of my previous movies, handling both visual effects and color correction. Since our last meeting I have taken the hand drawn storyboards and the mannequins to create […]

The Girl With No Name: Storyboarding

The complexity of my previous two projects taught me the value of storyboarding a movie well ahead of time. Creating storyboards has always been time intensive, so I started looking for ways to make the process flow a little better. I originally started my preliminary story boards by drawing them in 2:35 ratio frames printed […]

Previsualization Continues

Getting a script right is not easy. It often feels like the harder you concentrate the more lost you become. Ever since the project’s inception, Joy Division’s song No Love Lost has served as an original inspiration for “The Girl With No Name” and I’ve often returned to it when I’ve felt that the script […]

Pre-production Starts!

Probably one the most difficult things about taking on a big project is figuring out where to begin. Tonight I had my first official production meeting for my next project; “The Girl With No Name”. I met with storyboard artist and fellow Scary Cow member Van Dyke Roth who was a big help in getting the project rolling. To […]