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On Location at the Oakland Aviation Museum

Shooting a scene inside the cockpit of an experimental jet is a pretty tall order for a micro budget film. I had considered building a cockpit set from scratch, but being and airplane geek, it occurred to me to reach out to one of my favorite local aviation museums. Fortunately for us, Scott Buckingham and […]

The Miniatures of Brian Clarke

The first movie I produced was Curse of the Black Lotus. The Curse is an homage to the matinee cliffhangers of the 30’s and the script involved a lot of special effects. I didn’t fully realize how ambitious this project was for a micro-budget movie, and many times I felt foolish to have even proposed […]

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Curse of the Black Lotus Visual Effects Reel

The original Curse of the Black Lotus was a mirco-budget short with an intense set of special effects. John Pilgrim created this demo reel showcasing all the great work that went into making this movie. Miniatures by Brian Clarke. Motion controlled slider dolly and vfx processing by John Pilgrim.

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