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Building A Racing Seat: Third Try

When writing my last post on the racing seat build, I forgot to include the pictures of my very first attempted build. My original idea was to build a seat plug I could mold a composite seat from. I build a basic frame patterned from the 914’s original stock seats and started building up plaster of Paris.



Carving out the seat mold this way was becoming painstakingly slow process. The plaster had to be lathered on thick and the sheer volume of plaster meant that it took ages to dry. Carving was slow since I could only really check fit by actually sitting in the seat. So I’d have to shape a bit, stop, sit in the seat, try and figure out where the high spots were by feel, get up and repeat the cycle. Not to mention the mold was starting to weigh a ton.

Now, fast-forward past the seat I built in my last post to these pictures of the second attempt at an aluminum seat. I went back to the drawing board and reworked the seat template such that I could form the entire seat from one piece. Instead of welding or riveting parts halves together as we had in the first try, this one piece template meant the seat could be simply folded together. This would minimize complexity, seams and the need to weld.

A picture of this completed seat to come shortly!