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Behold Firehose! A MongoDB focused application toolkit

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Firehose started off as a simple multithreaded DSV import tool for MongoDB, but morphed to a library of interchangeable components you can use to build custom P.O.C.s fast. Firehose was designed to meaningful make load testing easy because you don’t have to write a worker pool, CLI or a stats calculator each time you want to test a workload.

Major components Include:

  • A customizable command line interface builder
  • A multithreaded worker pool
  • Basic code instrumentation and reporting classes
  • A simple application class which brings these components together
  • More information will be forthcoming with details on how Firehose works and how you can use it. The README tells it all.

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    RSVP for the Denver MUG here RSVP, or for The San Francisco MUG here RSVP