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Shaping the Body

The 914 has reached a really exciting phase. It’s starting to take the shape I’ve been daydreaming of. After a lot of trial and error, several failures, it finally dawned on me to form the shape of the car with industrial modeling clay. The same clay professional designers use to prototype and mock-up their own […]

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Deleting Pop-ups

I’ve read it somewhere that the Porsche 914’s pop-up headlights were added added as an afterthought to meet regulations for the US market. I don’t know how much truth there is to that story, but the 914’s pop-ups never really looked well suited to the car. Pop-ups in general have never held much appeal to […]

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Building A Racing Seat: Third Try

When writing my last post on the racing seat build, I forgot to include the pictures of my very first attempted build. My original idea was to build a seat plug I could mold a composite seat from. I build a basic frame patterned from the 914’s original stock seats and started building up plaster […]

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Making a Racing Seat From Scratch

Didn’t take me long to determine that if I was going to all the trouble of rebuilding the 914 I would need to build some custom racing seats. While I might have ultimately been able to convince myself to fork up the cash to buy a set, this project is more about the challenge of […]

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Up, From Down Under

Mid-engine cars, awesome as they are, the engine sits behind a nearly impenetrable barricade of bodywork and suspension components. Otherwise simple maintenance tasks become an exercise in frustration. Even when sitting on jackstands, changing the little Porsche’s oil requires the crawling skill of a contortionist. Considering the engine requires a valve adjustment every 3000 miles, […]

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Try and Try Again

Chopping the targa top off the 914 was the easy part. Figuring out how to put it back together is the fun part. Over the last year, ( yes it has been a year), I have been obsessing over what to do about the area of the body where the b-pillar used to be. Here’s […]

Spotted in the Wild: The Brubaker Box

Here’s one I’d never seen before, a Brubaker Box. Immediately recognizable as a Beetle based kit car, The Brubaker is powerfully evocative of a time when cars were simple enough that people could modify them in any way they wanted. In the course of researching the Brubaker I found a great mini-documentary on Greyboy’s Brubaker.

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Analysis: Chases, Races and the Lust for Speed

A look at the elements of what makes these great car and motorcycle sequences exciting. Posted under “fair use” for criticism, commentary, teaching, and scholarship.


I’ve had a thing for the humble Porsche 914 since high school. I finally bought a ’73 and about a year ago and the car has been a blast to drive. While you could consider the 914 a classic of sorts, it wasn’t the prettiest car ever built. Something about the 914 just seems to […]

Using Git for Cinema Production

I’m a big believer in indulging in a broad set of interests and hobbies. Since you never really know where good ideas may come from, I usually have several projects in progress at any one time to keep the ideas flowing in. Each project cross-pollinates the other, creating novel solutions to frustrating problems. Since my […]